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Learn hands-on data science and Python from scratch


Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information


Data is a fundamental part of our everyday work, whether it be in the form of valuable insights about our customers, or information to guide product,policy or systems development. Big business, social media, finance and the public sector all rely on data scientists to analyse their data and draw out business-boosting insights.


Python is a dynamic modern object -oriented programming language that is easy to learn and can be used to do a lot of things both big and small. Python is what is referred to as a high level language. That means it is a language that is closer to humans than computer.It is also known as a general purpose programming language due to it’s flexibility. Python is used a lot in data science.


This course is a beginners course that will introduce you to some basics of data science using Python.




What You Will Learn


How to set up environment to explore using Jupyter Notebook


How to import Python Libraries into your environment


How to work with Tabular data


How to explore a Pandas DataFrame


How to explore a Pandas Series


How to Manipulate a Pandas DataFrame


How to clean data


How to visualize data

Who this course is for:

Beginners to Data Science

Beginners to Python

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