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Be proficient with seaborn technology that is widely used for statistical data visualization techniques


With this course, any sort of tradings or tutorial the efficiency of the training increases drastically is it provides a space for the learners to experiment and everywhere their knowledge in real-time scenarios which helps them understand the concepts in a better way. Different techniques and tools are involved in this training to increase the utility and efficiency of the program. skills that are part of this training program are as follows:


Visualizing the Distribution of a Dataset


Plotting Univariate Distributions


Plotting Bivariate Distributions


Visualizing Linear Relationships


Functions to Draw linear Regression Models


Fitting Different Kinds of Models


Conditioning on Other Variables


Examples on KDEPLOT


Examples on PAIRPLOT




Under this part of the training program, advanced concepts of seaborn tool that are an introduction to seaborn advance, building structure multiplot grids, conditional small multiplies, use of custom functions, plotting pairwise data relationships, choosing color palettes, use of different seaborn figure styles, setting different color palettes, use of reference files in advance, etc.


This part of the training program what we learn about intermediate functionalities of seaborn which includes plotting univariate distribution, clotting of bivariate distributions, visualizing linear relationships, functions to draw linear regression models, filtering different kinds of models, conditioning all other variables, join plot and LM plot, use of reference files, KDE plot, etc.


Who this course is for:

The target audience becomes anybody who is interested in learning this Python Seaborn Tutorial and follows the above-mentioned pre-requisites

software engineers, testers

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