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A Prerequisite to Learn Machine Learning

Python Programming Concepts like

– Operators

– Math Library

– Variables

– Dynamic Types

– Data Types

– Type Casting

– Data Types Changes

– Strings

– Boolean

– Special Characters in a String

– Split and Strip Methods

–  Introduction to Lists

– Lists Slicing

– Lists – Builtin Functions

– String and Boolean Lists

– Concatenate Strings Using Join Method

– Mixed Lists

–  Add Two Lists

–  Nested Lists

–  Introduction to Dictionary

–  Dictionary & It’s Methods

–  Nested Dictionary

–  Create Dictionary using Zip Method

–  Sets

–  Tuples

– If…Else..If Condition

– While Loop

–  Range Method

–  ………..Lot More…
Who this course is for:
Students, who want to learn Python Programming to get into Data Science or Machine Learning


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