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We believe that no one can start speaking without enough speaking practice and automatic speaking skills. That is why we worked out a speaking simulator, a special learning tool for practicing speaking. While learning Russian in this course, you will learn a grammar topic at first. Then you will practice speaking with a speaking simulator. You will think, make a sentence and pronounce it. Instead of just stupidly repeating after a teacher, you will work actively, make sentences and speak by yourself getting automatic speaking skills such a way. The choice is yours. Either you learn a language like a parrot stupidly repeating after a teacher or you work actively by thinking, making sentences, and pronouncing them by yourself. You will also do specially designed and very effective writing exercises that will help you to review the lesson learning material and get automatic speaking skills. None of the Russian learning programs has such a great variety of learning tools and exercises. A speaking simulator is a unique and very effective speaking training tool. None a teacher except me can make such a beautiful and effective learning tool. Working with it, you will get automatic speaking skills and start speaking Russian fluently and correctly. You are welcome! Добро пожаловать!

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