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In this course we will focus on the below topics with theory concepts and practical examples which will help you to prepare for Business Objects interviews:

  • Universe Design concepts

  • Information Design Tool (IDT) its different layers

  • BI Launch Pad, reports, CMC

  • What is Aggregate Awareness and How to implement it

  • what are contexts and their need in context?

  • What are secured and Shared connections and its difference?

  • How to deploy the reports?

  • What is version management and how to implement it?

  • What are breaks and how do implement dynamic breaks?

  • How to Order prompts?

  • What all documentation we can prepare while working on the BusinessObjects project?

  • As a report developer, what are the skills you need most and what you should focus on before appearing for an interview.

  • What are dimension and fact tables?

  • What fan-trap and chasm traps?

  • What is join? different types of join?

  • What is Cardinality and how does cardinality helps to identify the relationship between tables.

  • What is a section? what is the difference between Sections and breaks?

  • What are real-time scenarios which you can prepare and what different reports you can create and explain?

  • What are LOVs(List of Values) and what are the different types of LOVs?

  • Static List of Values, List of values based on SQL

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