Learn to become SAS Certified Base Programmer

What you’ll learn

  • SAS
  • SAS & Dataset creation
  • SAS Installation
  • Everything needed to become a SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming
  • Formats & Informats
  • Printing,Formatting & Other Procedures
  • Data Manipulation
  • SAS Functions & ODS
  • Modifying and Combining SAS Data Sets
  • SQL with in SAS

Welcome to Knowasap Master Course series on SAS!!

This course focus on SAS BASE Programming. When you complete the SAS Base Programming course, you will have demonstrated skills in manipulating and transforming data, combining SAS data sets, creating basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures and identifying and correcting data, syntax and programming logic errors. These skills prepare you for the SAS Base Programmer certification exam.

Please download SAS UNIVERSITY EDITION tool online and start Practice.

Who this course is for:
  • Candidates who wants to become a SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming
  • Candidates who are interested in developing their SAS SQL/Macros skills
  • Candidates who want to change their career and start in SAS
  • Any graduate or post graduate who want to make a career in SAS

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