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Learn to be your own Fitness Trainer and help transform your body from Fat to Fit.

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of Fat Loss
  • Body Assessment Tools
  • Making Your Personal Diet Plan
  • Making Your Personal Training Plan
  • Pro Tips to Expedite Fat Loss
  • Making 6 Packs Abs
  • Weight Loss
  • Building Calorie Deficit Diet Plan

The primary goal of the program is to introduce the users to the fundamental of planning out a self-designed fat loss plan. The secondary goal of the program is to provide the users with the necessary techniques that would self-sustain their fitness in day to day life.

The program is expressed in a manner to ensure that the users are able to progress throughout the program with easy to grasp summarized knowledge that can be practically executed. Lastly, anyone with health condition or medical issue must consult their doctors prior to beginning the provided program. The program is built with the assumption that the users have no medical condition except obesity or are looking for a easy to follow fitness plan to stay fit.


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to lose fat
  • Anyone who wants to be fit
  • Anyone who wants to build muscles
  • Anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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