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How to sell on Amazon FBA. Step by step complete course and our main focus in on Private label products.

This course isn’t just talking about the process instead in this course I will show you all the steps that you need to take to start an Amazon FBA Private label Products business.

I’m gonna be sharing a lot of information in this course probably more than you can take in one sitting. So for this course I guarantee this will be the most complete guide to selling on Amazon FBA.

This is the ultimate step by step course for those looking to learn everything there is to know about selling on Amazon in 2021/22.

I will cover every step of the process, from product research to launching on Amazon!


  1. What is Private Label?
  2. Criteria of a Good Product
  3. Product Database & Jungle Scout Extension
  4. Demand, Competition, Profitability
  5. Two Main Costs that Affect Profitability
  6. Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator
  7. Verifying Sales using the Jungle Scout Product Tracker
  8. Improvement Potential, Legal & Liability Issues, Ease to Sell
  9. MAKE YOUR PRODUCT, What is Alibaba?
  10. Process to Sourcing a Product
  11. Qualities of a Good Supplier
  12. Using the Jungle Scout Supplier Database
  13. How to contact a Supplier
  14. Using the Jungle Scout Supplier Tracker
  15. Ordering Samples, Price Negotiation Tips, Inspections
  17. Amazon Brand Registry
  19. Setting up an LLC
  20. Individual vs Professional Account
  21. The Shipping Process, Labeling
  23. Seven Step Process for Setting up a Listing
  24. Keyword Research, UPC Barcodes, UPC vs FNSKU
  25. LAUNCHING YOUR PRODUCT, Strategies for Launch
  26. Using a Deals Website and Using Coupons
  27. Getting Reviews, Email Campaigns, Vine Program
  28. Sponsored Product Ads, PPC, Automatic and Manual Campaigns
  29. Campaign Bidding Strategies

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