Learn the basics of this hot new technology. Take advantage of the next wave of cloud computing. Start here!


Serverless Concepts will provide you a firm foundation for the next wave of cloud computing technology.

Know when to take advantage of serverless technology in your next software project and reap the benefits! If you are a beginner, this course is for you!

You’ll learn about the term “serverless” and what constitutes a serverless application. You’ll watch how-to videos that show off services like AWS Lambda, Google Firebase, and more. Whether you are a developer, manager, or business executive, you will learn the benefits of adopting these tools into your next project.

Content and Overview

This course is suitable for absolute beginners, through 14 lectures and approximately 2 hours of content. You’ll learn about “serverless” and when you should use serverless technology in your project to deliver features to your customers faster than ever before. Stop taking hours, months, or even years to deploy functionality to customers! Learn how utilizing serverless in the cloud will accelerate your rate of innovation while minimizing cost, and watch concrete examples with high-level overviews of some of the most popular serverless offerings.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn about serverless technology in short, easy-to-consume sessions
  • 14 lectures (almost 2 hours of content) teaching you concepts, tools, and frameworks from a variety of cloud providers (i.e.: AWS, Azure, IBM, and more!)
  • Suitable for beginners and ideal for for users who learn faster when shown
  • Visual training method used to increase retention and solidify understanding
  • Breaks complex ideas and architectures into simple-to-understand terms

Who this course is for:

  • Since I’m not assuming any background knowledge, really anyone interested in getting into the next wave of cloud technology will benefit from take the course. There’s something for everyone — I address business, developer, and customer perspectives and benefits/caveats of this technology for each of those users.

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