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Discover how to better understand, work with and have fun with other people


The program was developed to introduce those high in analytical skills to people skills.


Social skills are important for career success and job search

Emotional skills are vital for both happiness and career productivity.

Discover 4 personality traits we need to understand and respect in self and others

Uncover how to connect with each personality trait

Learn how to develop friendships

Four key skills to help you engage and connect with others

Who this course is for:

If dealing with others often feels awkward

If others think you fit into the Big Bang Show!

If your job search is being blocked because you don’t get it!

If you have you been passed over for a raise or promotion

Don’t take this course if you’re more like Penny then Sheldon on BIG Bang Theory

Don’t take this course if you’ve been told you’re the life of the party!

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