Learn how to dress for every occasion, for work, for dates etc. and become a more confident YOU.


This course will give YOU the tools and knowledge needed to dress at YOUr best, look sharp and thus be more successful in dating, business and virtually all aspects of modern life.

Better looking individuals have greater chances of success, as research has shown many times over; And although beauty is in the eye of the beholder there are several key axioms which set universal guidelines to our perception of beauty and class.

Each and every one of US is beautiful, though popular culture and social media may have US believe that only those of “perfect” body and face are qualified.

Each and every one of YOU is a diamond in the rough, and my goal is to help YOU become that shining diamond and be all you can be.

Who this course is for:

  • I’ll start with a few questions:
  • – Did you know that BETTER LOOKING people are statistically more successful and earn more money? (I.e. why 99% of Hollywood movie stars are very good looking) – “the beauty premium”
  • – Do you believe that ANYONE can fulfill their full potential?
  • – Do you believe you SHOULD BE fulfilling your full potential?
  • – Do you belive you DESERVE more?
  • – Do you want to feel more CONFIDENT and SECURE about yourself?
  • – Do you want to LOOK BETTER?
  • – Do you want to FEEL BETTER?
  • – Do you want to be more SUCCESSFUL?
  • 1. Have you answered YES to all of the prerequisite questions? Congratulations! You’ve just found the perfect course for you!
  • Other types of student who should take this course:
  • 2. Men of all ages who want to fulfill their potential, have better confidence (at work, in business, with women etc,) and look better. Many studies show that better-looking individuals have a better chance of succeeding in all departments of life.
  • 3. Men who want to step up their game
  • 4. Men who want to dress better but don’t know how
  • 5. Women who want their partners to step up their game 🙂

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