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Delegation isn’t about delegating work: it’s about delegating responsibility.

I got lucky.

As my small business grew, I hired a new employee and assigned her a task. Three days later she told me she had accomplished it in a way I had not even considered. And it hit me: she didn’t do what I told her, she accomplished what I wanted.

That was the difference between good delegation and bad delegation.

Delegation is not about tasks: it’s about responsibility.

In this course you will learn what delegation actually is, why delegation is hard, why it is important, and how to do it. Most importantly, you will learn how delegation makes you a better leader, your business more successful, and your employees more loyal.

As a business leader, manager, or owner, your primary responsibility is a productive team of people. That doesn’t happen on its own. In this course you will learn that delegation is much more than telling people what to do. You will learn how to find the right people for the jobs, what it means to delegate responsibility for getting something done, and how to track their success without micro managing their work. It will becomes easier for you to delegate, and you will be able to spend your time on the work you both enjoy the most and where your strengths are in fulld display.

By the end of this course you will have your step by step method for delegating work now, and as your business continues to grow.

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