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What is Tableau and its Applications, Careers in Tableau

Tableau Desktop Installation

Tableau Products and their Use Cases

Data Sources and Data types in Tableau

Measures and Dimensions, Data Representation in Tableau (Continuous/Discrete)

Exploring Tableau Desktop UI

Using Tableau Dashboards for Solving Data Analysis Problems

Using Functions to Create Calculated Fields

Filters and Types of Data Source Connection (Live/Extract)

Highlighting Actions in Tableau

Understanding Data Visualization and its Importance

Plotting Bar Charts, Text tables and Tree Maps In Tableau

Plotting Line Charts, Box Plots and Area Charts In Tableau

Plotting Bullet Graphs, Bubble Charts and Scatter Plot In Tableau

Waterfall Chart and Funnel Chart

Geometric Visualizations (Maps)

Defining Story and the Difference between Story and a Dashboard in Tableau

Creating your First Story

Use Case: Exploring the World Indicators Accelerator

Publishing Your Workbook on Tableau Online

Testing Your Tableau Skills

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