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Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable CSS framework which can be used directly in your HTML. No more heavy CSS. it’s designed from the ground up with customization in mind.

Why Tailwind CSS?

• Easily customize and configure however you want to.

• Create unique looking website (this is not the case in Bootstrap).

• Utility First

• Faster CSS Styling Process

• Responsive Design.

• Easily used with any frameworks.

• Tiny (super fast in production).

• Easily apply Dark Mode and more themes.

• Beautiful Color Presets.

• Plugins.

• Customization…Customization…Customization.

In this course I will take project based approach to teach you the latest Tailwind CSS. we will build 2 beautiful real world production ready websites together. we will see the basics, some of the advanced concepts and techniques to achieve our needs. In these project we will not only see the common designs(like cards, buttons, form inputs…) but we will go beyond and cover how you can make really great designs.

I will update this course regularly when necessary.

What You Will Learn?

Customize & Configure Tailwind CSS.

• Write Optimized and Performant Code for Production. ?

• Make responsive designs with Tailwind CSS (RWD).

• Apply Dark and Light Mode.

• Managing duplication and creating reusable styles.

• Not only bound to the pre-defined styles but you will learn hot to add and customize your own presets.

Practically Understand the difference between tailwind CSS and other CSS frameworks like bootstrap.

2 Real Projects

We will create 2 real world websites. These projects are open source and free to use.

  1. Tail Listing – Business and Directory Listing Website

  2. Tail Furniture – Furniture Showcase Website (Figma to Tailwind CSS)

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