C++ course

What you’ll learn

You will understand all the necessary terms and ideas that you need to start your first program in C++ as a beginner.

You will know which software you should use to create a C++ program

What are variables types in C++

How can you use the “if statement” in C++, with examples.

Definition and examples of how to use “for” loops in C++

Definition and examples of how to use “while” loops in C++

How to create arrays in C++

Definition and examples of how to use functions in C++

How to define a structure in C++ and why do we use it

What are classes in C++ and how do they differ from structures

What are constructors in C++

What are operators in C++


Hi guys,

In this course, I selected only the necessary ideas and functionalities that you need to start programming in C++.

Because when I started programming in C++, I found a lot of details that I didn’t need as a beginner. So I made this course for you from that point of view. Where I will be showing you only the necessary ideas that a beginner needs to start his or her C++ programming journey.

I will be showing you which software is easy and better to start writing your programs. After that a talk about variables, arrays and other beginner friendly concepts.

In the end, I show you concepts about object-oriented programming : classes, constructors, …

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in the programming field.
  • People who want to learn the important and necessary concepts of C++.
  • People who are looking for beginner friendly course about C++, made from a student’s point of view.
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