The drum path is the ultimate guide for drum enthusiasts. The student will get to learn everything he/she needs to know from the very basics of handling the drums to advanced drumming techniques through which he/she will be able to perform on stage professionally and with confidence. The aim of this course is to provide the most adequate learning experience a future drummer needs.

This course is book based, meaning, the course follows “The drum path from zero to advanced” book method for it to be that well structured. The student can buy the book after buying the course but it is not mandatory.

The book will be needed after the student completes the course if he/she ever decides to teach the drums, because he/she will need it as their drums program.

This course is divided into eight parts:

– Course Introduction

– Interviews with Students That Took This Course

– From Zero to Beginner

– From Beginner to Intermediate

– From Intermediate to Advanced

– Rudiments

– Genres and Songs to Play

– Drums Challenges

In The drum path, the student will learn about:

– The drum kit components

– The right posture on drums

– The music notation from A to Z

– All exercises that a student needs to follow to become an advanced drummer in order

– The first 25 Drum Rudiments

– The drummer’s favorite genres and songs to play along

– The challenges to develop independence

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