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3 Courses in 1! Save,Protect & Make More! By an Award Winning MBA Professor, VC & Best Selling Online Business Teacher.

What you’ll learn

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to save, protect and make much more so that their net worth is significantly higher in the long run. You will be a personal finance expert by the end of this course!
  • How to profit from the INCREDIBLE Power of Compound Interest
  • 100+ Ways to Save More…Including the following ways:
  • 14 Ways to Save More on Taxes
  • 16 Ways to Save More on Shopping Expenses


    Welcome to The COMPLETE Personal Finance Course! I guarantee that this is THE most thorough personal finance course available ANYWHERE on the market – or your money back (30 day money back guarantee). This course and the many exercises in this course is customized for literally EVERY Country & EVERY currency in the world!

    By An Award Winning Business Professor, Columbia University MBA Graduate (Majored in Finance) and former Goldman Sachs Employee who is also the author of the #1 best selling business course on Udemy called An Entire MBA in 1 Course. He is also the author of 101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School, which Forbes calls “1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now.”

    THIS COMPLETE PERSONAL FINANCE COURSE is 3 courses in 1: Save More Money, 2: Protect More Money, 3: Make More Money.

    Also included in this course is a very comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that contains more than 25 exercises to help you save, protect and make more money. No prior finance or accounting or Excel experience is required to take this course.

    Some of the many Save Money topics and exercises covered in the course include:

    • How to analyze and significantly decrease your personal expenses so your net worth increases significantly in the long run
    • More than 100 ways to help you save much more money
    • How very small savings habits changes lead to fortunes later in life!

    Some of the Protect Money topics and exercises covered in the course are:

    • What are the secrets of billionaires?
    • Understanding and improving your credit score
    • Wills, trusts and estate planning
    • How much should you spend on a house and how to calculate your mortgage payments
    • Creating your perfect budget
    • The best way to file taxes
    • How retirement accounts work and how to decrease the amount of taxes you will pay, which will lead to significant increases in your long term net worth
    • Protecting your family and your possessions using insurance products
    • Understanding and increasing your net worth

    Some of the Make Money topics and exercises covered in the course are:

    • Investing in stocks
    • Investing in bonds
    • Investing in commodities
    • Investing in real estate and more
    • How to create your own diversified Investment Portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate investment trusts
    • Minimizing the ridiculous fees that you pay your bank and investment companies

    We will also have an optional section at the end of the course that will teach you how I made Your included Complete Personal Finance Excel Dashboard exercise file, which will help you save, protect and make more money through the many exercises in this course….and this assumes that you have no or very little excel experience  and very little or no accounting or finance experience. 

    You can use the Excel exercise document in this exercise on a Mac or on a PC and I recommend having Excel version 2013 or later in order to complete all of the many save, make and protect money exercises in this course.

    This course and the included comprehensive Complete Personal Finance Excel dashboard exercise file is a roadmap for your personal finance success so you can save, protect and make much more. 

    All of the tools you need to save, protect and make more are included in this course and the entire course is based on real life Practical Knowledge and experience and not based on theory.

    Please click the take this course button so you can improve your ability to save, protect and make much more (and take your personal finance skills to the next level). 

    *** Again, I guarantee that this is THE most thorough personal finance course available ANYWHERE on the market – or your money back (30 day money back guarantee). ***

    Chris Haroun

    Closed captions have been added to all lessons in this course.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone in ANY country interested in learning EVERYTHING about personal finance, including how to save more, protect more and make more.
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