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Complete Reiki CERTIFICATION Level One, Two, Energy Healing, Crystal, Pet, Shaman, Plant, Distance Symbol, Master Class

What you’ll learn

  • How to become Reiki-Attuned and become the masters of their lives
  • How to become appreciated and respected in the Art of Reiki
  • Students can Become a Reiki Level One Practitioner
  • Students can Become a Reiki Level Two Practitioner
  • Students can Become an Advanced Reiki Level Three (ART) Practitioner
  • Students can Become a Reiki Master and Teacher
  • How they can preform reiki for virtually any purpose


This is the Longest course on Reiki available on the platform. This course is one of the longest, In-depth courses on Reiki in the world.


Here is what Students of Jake’s Courses have to say about Jake:

“Jake is such an interesting and natural teacher. I have already watched a few sections and have laughed out loud a few times, literally swept along by his energy.” –– Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin

“The Instructor is very enthusiastic and is very easy to follow along with. In some ways, it’s not the most traditional approach to emotional intelligence, but it definitely is one of the more innovative! –– Scott S

This course is special in that I don’t teach you any Reiki rituals. This course is about mastering the deepest mechanics of Reiki. Once you understand the Reiki Principles, there’s no need for rituals.


Pet Reiki–– Enhance your connection to all living beings Unlock the secrets to perform energy healing on Horses, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rodents, and even Wild Animals.

Plant Reiki –– Feel a pure joy that only a plant can provide. Jake shares little known techniques that will help you create a transformative connection with plants. Feel the sunshine and be elevated by trees, plants, mushrooms, and be connected to the wonders of nature. Life is going to be like a fresh breath of air in the Fall.

Ancestral Reiki –– Connect with your ancestors and learn to heal those who are no longer with us. Whether you believe in having a connection to ancestors or not, this section will enhance your understanding of healing for not only people but beings outside of our normal perception. Gain a Shamanic understanding of Reiki

Personal Development Reiki –– Overcome Fatigue, beat procrastination, and turn on your sunshine. You’ll be feeling bright as a star in the night sky when you unlock these highly misunderstood ways of using Reiki as one of the best personal development tools.

Reiki Symbols Masterclass–– Experience the secrets to unlocking all-new symbols never revealed before to humanity. You’ll be the first person in the world to receive your own personal Reiki symbols that will help you become a true Reiki master. You’ll grasp one truth about Reiki symbols that has never been revealed ever before. By going through this section, you’ll gain the knowledge to become one of the best Reiki experts in the world.

Bodhisattva Reiki–– Gain the hidden abilities of the highest leverage tool in history and learn to unlock the secrets of ancient books like the Lotus Sutra. Boddhisattvas are individuals who dedicate their lives to serving others. In no time, you’ll get the exact recipes to have the greatest possible impact in life.

Crystal Reiki–– Feel and gain the special qualities held in all crystals, gemstones, and rocks. Complete your Understanding of using Reiki with rocks, gems, and crystals. Experience reiki 24/7 as soon as you discover the insights revealed in this course.

Reiki Meditation –– Begin to Truly “Know Thyself” Deepen your understanding of reiki and how it will enhance your life experience. Experience the closest connection between Reiki and meditation and unfold the mystery of your being.

Distance Reiki –– Preform Energy healing on anyone from anywhere, any time of the day! Discover the process of healing others from afar using energy healing techniques.

The Secrets of Exponential Growth: Journal Reiki –– The life-improving wisdom of journaling for a Reiki practice are finally unveiled. Here, the hidden aspects of the superpower habit of journaling are explained in detailed, easy-to-grasp videos. You’ll be both confident and competent that your progress in Reiki and in life with skyrocket! You’ll discover the hidden process behind having near-unlimited potential with your Reiki progress.


Find Deeper Relaxation Using Reiki

Knowing the Unknown: Exploring the Hidden and Unknown History of Reiki Energy

The Secret of Color and Symbols that Nobody Talks About

Think in Terms of Frequency and Vibration: Unlocking The Schuman Resonance

The Hidden Keys To Exponential Growth: The Quantitative and Qualitative Keys

The Law of Attraction Revealed: the Secret to the Power Symbol and LOA


Who this course is for:

  • People curious about reiki
  • People who want to experience Reiki
  • People who want to discover themselves through practicing reiki energy healing through a shamanic lense
  • People who would like to receive the reiki attainments to live a fuller, deeper, more meaningful life
  • People who know theres something more to life, and they want to live to their fullest potential
  • People who are curious about plant reiki, pet reiki, crystal reiki, personal development reiki, ancestor reiki, and reiki symbol mastery

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