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Learn Selenium WebDriver with Java, TestNG Framework, Page Object Model, Page Factory Design. Learn Coding From Scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Core Java. You will learn Java programming through practical sessions.
  • New to coding? No worries. This course covers coding from scratch.
  • Ideal for professionals transitioning to DevOps wanting to get a coding booster
  • Perfect course for manual testers aspiring to switch into automation world
  • Creating Automation Framework from Scratch using Page Object Model and Page Factory
  • Selenium WebDriver Programing from Basic to Advance
  • Object Oriented Programing (OOPS)
  • Data Structures in Java
  • TestNG Framework
  • Regular Expressions in Java
  • Element Locating Strategies
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Working with File System in Java
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Selenium WebDriver Basics
  • Date and Time Operations (Rev. in Java 8)
  • Locating Elements using XPath
  • Locating Elements using CSS Selectors
  • Working with Element Collections
  • Web Page Data Extraction
  • Automating DatePickers, WebTables
  • Page Object Model
  • Automating Browser Popups
  • Automating iFrames
  • Automating JavaScript Alerts
  • Automating Mouse Actions
  • Test Synchronization
  • Instructor Guidance and Query Resolution Support
  • No PPTs. Programming Oriented Sessions.

This course covers Selenium WebDriver and Java topics in detail from basic to advanced levels. So, if you don’t have prior knowledge of Java, then you can begin with Java Modules. Start going through ‘Selenium WebDriver’ videos after you develop some fluency in Java. Remember, you don’t need to go through all sessions of Java Course before starting with Selenium WebDriver (because it is an in-depth course on Java and will take a while to finish). First 6 Sections of Java should be sufficient to get you ready for learning Selenium WebDriver.

I believe in example-oriented teaching. So, you won’t find any PPTs during the sessions. But, you will find dozens of real time scenarios used to elaborate Java and Selenium WebDriver concepts.

Feel free to post your questions/feedback in the block provided under each session-video. I will make sure all of your queries are addressed. ‘Course Outline’ below will give you an idea about the depth and the overall coverage of this course. If you want to learn any other Selenium WebDriver concept – which is not already covered in this course – then feel free to let me know via Udemy messenger.

Who this course is for:
  • Selenium WebDriver automation aspirant
  • Manual tester willing to jump start your automation carrier
  • QTP/UFT professional wanting to switch to Selenium as per testing market demand
  • QE Manager exploring better automation solutions for your project
  • Fresh grads looking to learn a quick new skill which has high demand in the job market
  • Anyone aspiring to learn coding and automation
  • QE Testing Professionals
  • Selenium Testers
  • Automation Test Engineers
  • QE Automation Engineers
  • Automation Aspirants
  • Manual Testing Professionals
  • Software Testing Professionals

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