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Create Your Own Happiness! | Mindfulness | Zen Therapy | Law of Positivity | Extreme Happiness | Life Coaching


What is happiness? How can you be happy in life and is there any select happiness pill out there? Welcome to Pursuit of Happiness Course; this course will change your perception of happiness. If you are tired of your life and you can’t figure out what to do in life? In this happiness course, I will teach you the real meaning of happiness and how it can affect you, and the surrounding peoples. Are you trying to be happier but failing? I will talk about Positive Psychology Behavior. Take this course as Happiness Therapy. Being happy is difficult, and money can’t buy happiness. There are the happiest poor peoples around the world than the rich happiest peoples. Take this course as a happiness project in which you will be learning a radical approach to the art of happiness. Love and happiness are not the same things, but if you can gain control of one, then the other can be easily attainable. Finding pure happiness is difficult but if you will go on with this happiness expedition, then sure you will discover something connecting to happiness. I will teach you how to create your own happiness around yourself and your family members. Are you ready to join the conquest of happiness and it will change your life for good! I will talk about the positive effect and my happiness success story in this life coaching course. How I overcome the negativity and replacing it with positivity. Everyone deserves a good life and dignified living conditions. This course is not about extreme happiness rather finding happiness in small things. Welcome to the Mindfulness happiness course.






Who this course is for:

Looking for Happiness

Tired of Life

Don’t Know what to do in life!

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