This course covers the Mindset of a successful actor, the Trinity Acting Method (Not taught anywhere else in the world) and the business of acting. This is for actors at any stage of their career, beginner right through to seasoned pro’s. This will motivate, inspire and give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals and ambitions. With nearly two hours worth of engaging video content this course will teach you everything in a step-by-step, informative and easy to absorb fashion. It will give you many actionable skills and techniques that will be the envy of other actors in the industry, from a coach that has a proven track record of taking hundreds of emerging actors to professional stage and screen roles. Not only that, but an award winning UK acting coach that has worked with the BBC, ITV and coached big name international actors in BAFTA nominated and Hollywood funded movies. Join this course today and who knows, maybe me we may see you in the next big Television series? So, sit down with a pen, paper, it’s time to finally take action on that dream that’s been sitting around in the back of your head for a while now and allow me to take you through every bit of information you require to have a successful career in this amazing industry.

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