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A brief lesson on creating a cute chearacter, and animating it with a simple wave!


This class briefly shows you a few tips on creating a simple, cute, and appealing character. As well steps on how to animate and loop your character doing a simple wave to the audience. Perfect for your Instagram, art blogs, or for whatever social media platform you use!


What you will get out of this class is designing a simple character with a recognizable silhouette, and bringing the character to life. And of course a few animation principles such as easing, drag and appeal!


For this class project, create a simple character and have them wave to the audience a few times. Be sure to add in some idle or buffer time before the character waves to create some realism and make sure that you have the character animate back to it’s original position so that it can loop seamlessly! Also throwing in a blink or two will bring your character more to life and up your animation skills!


Hope you enjoy the class, and if you need a hand please be sure to send me a message and I will try my best to get back to you! In addition, I am happy to review your work!


-Resolution should be around 1920×1280 or similar 16:9 ratio


-Coloured background


-Animation loops seamlessly

Who this course is for:

Students wanting to learn more animation foundations, but are still considered beginners.

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