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Learn The Most Profitable Option Trading Strategies: Covered Calls, Married Puts, Bull & Bear Spreads

What you’ll learn

  • Free Copy Of My E-Book: Options Strategies For Monthly Income
  • What is a Stock Option
  • Why Trade Stock Options
  • What Is a Call Option
  • What Is a Put Option
  • What Stocks To Trade Options On


In this course, President of Capstone Financial & Author of “Options Strategies for Monthly Income” David J. Melilli will educate you through applying his extensive knowledge gained over a fifteen year career trading options.  The course will be taught in an easy to understand, user friendly manner that will excite and help build the confidence that is needed to be an efficacious options trader.

The course will start with the inception of options and finish with current day option trading with future changes that may be implemented.

This course will teach you how to successfully trade options but also the way you MUST manage your emotions, as well as, implement a trading plan to be effective and profitable from the very beginning of your trading career.

This course will lean heavily on practice quizzes; assignments designed for each students level of understanding, and tests that will give you the self-assurance to trade like an option professional.

This course will teach you strategies for Selling options to generate retirement income; reduce risk and increase portfolio returns.  It will also show you how to buy options to take advantage of a specific stock movement all the way to advanced strategies you can implement in certain market conditions.

Finally, this course will transform your Stock Option Trading and investment experience and future forever.

Who this course is for:

  • Option Traders Of all Educational Levels Looking too Perfect Their Strategy and Reduce Their Learning Curve From an Instructor That Wrote A book on the Topics being discussed
  • Individuals Looking to turn their option portfolio profitable by working from the ground up
  • Individuals that want to educate themselves on the most important aspects needed to become successful in trading options.
  • Individuals who feel overwhelmed with the complex nature of trading options
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