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Learn to cook delicious Thai Food Vegan Recipes. Home Cooked Authentic Thai Vegan Dishes and Vegan Recipes

What you’ll learn

  • Learning step by step to cook Vegan Thai Food with detailed recipes which are delicious.
  • Learning basic herbs and preparation for cooking.
  • Learning to make the substitute ingredients at home to cook Vegan Thai Food.


Hi there, my name is Pla.

Are you a fan of Thai Food?

I know you may like to cook Thai Food at home sometimes. But as a vegan or vegetarian, the challenge is to cook Thai food with the same taste as the authentic food:

You might wonder whether the food you are eating, really tastes like Thai Food?

  • How to cook Thai Food without Fish Sauce and still taste like Thai food?
  • What is the substitute for shrimp paste?
  • What are the ingredients I need for Thai Cooking for vegan or vegetarian recipes?
  • How to cook Vegan or Vegetarian Authentic Thai Curry recipes ?
  • How to cook boring Tofu with Thai dishes ?

In Thailand, we have a wide range of Vegan or Vegetarian dishes. The taste is very similar to other Thai Food. You don’t find it much different. Some ingredients, particularly meat or fish substitutes are made from proteins and nutrients from soybeans, tofu, soy products, other beans, and vegetables.

Thai people are religious and the majority are Buddhists. Buddhism is widely practiced throughout many countries in Southeast Asia and also draws significant influence from China and India.

Eating vegetarian food is becoming more popular in Thailand every year as people focus on healthy eating or reducing the number of animals that will be killed for food. Vegan and vegetarian food is delicious and in Thailand, there is a big vegan festival every year for “ 9 days in October “

The large event has been held in Phuket every year since the 19th century when a Chinese Opera Company traveled to Phuket to entertain the community of Chinese Miners working in the area.

People across Thailand take this to a whole different level and especially those of Chinese ancestry stick strictly to Vegan Food for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making.

During this period, you will see many yellow flags all around Thailand and that means the vendors are selling “Vegan” food. In Bangkok, you can get “Vegan” food in most areas and even 7-11, convenience stores, have a special selection for the festival!

Not only during the Vegan Festival, often the people will eat “Vegan” for a month or a week or once or twice a week to make merit.

Apart from the festival period or whenever I want to make merit, I also eat Vegan because sometimes I really feel my body needs “Vegan Food” and particularly sometimes when I am sick or just recover from illness.

Vegan Thai Food is delicious, and in this course, you will learn how to cook Simple Vegan or vegetarian Thai food. There are many winning meals that will become regular at your family table. Besides, these recipes are the meals that we eat every day at home in Thailand.

The course offers a wide range of delicious Tofu recipes that helps you to simply extend the variety of your choice for your weekly meal plan.

I also added some recipes in this course that you can try to cook when you have more time at the weekend. It is nice to cook something different and delicious sometime although it will consume a bit more time, they are not too tricky.

Each recipe in my course has step by step clear instructions and I have included an E-Book at the end of the course. The course runs clear, sharps, and short focusing on saving your time and you have the best understanding.

This course uses simple fresh ingredients to make easy recipes at home bringing the authentic local Thai vegan and vegetarian flavor to your kitchen.

See you in the kitchen.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is a good resource for anyone interested in vegan or vegetarian cooking.
  • This course is good for beginners. You do not need any experience or knowledge about Thai Cooking. The course will guide you through basic food preparation, ingredients introduction and step by step cooking.
  • This course doesn’t not go into advanced technics.

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