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During this class you will learn X86 Assembly Language, the 8086 and 80386 Intel Architectures, and everything you need to know about the Stack:  What is the Stack ? What are procedure calls and how procedure Calls are using the Stack to operate? How to allocate C data structures in Memory ? And How Hackers use code vulnerabilities to operate Stack Overflow Exploits and how to protect your code against such attacks. What are SSE Instructions and how to use them ? This is the ideal class to start learning X86 Assembly, understand how compilation works and how your computer compiles and executes C code. During the class we will also review multiple code examples and debug them using Gnu Debugger GDB debugging tool. The compilation process will be reviewed and we will go in details into the disassembled code to see how it works. All major X86 Instructions types will be explained, as for example: jump instructions, arithmetic instructions, mov instructions and more. The end of the class will be dedicated to stack overflow attacks, and how to prevent vulnerable code to be exploited by attackers. Requirements for the class is a working linux system. We will go through the steps of how to install gdb and start turning C code into assembly code for debugging. All major GDB commands will be listed so that a comprehensive view of GDB is given.

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