If You Want to Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Exam and become an Amazon Web Services Certified, You Need This Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Skills you need to Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam
  • Master AWS Storage, Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 Pricing, SES, SNS, SQS…
  • Master Database Options, AWS API, VPC, ELB, Route53…
  • Master Shared Security, S3, EBS, VPC, IAM, Auto Scaling, Optimize AWS Expenses…
  • Master Just About Everything related to AWS, IN DEPTH
  • Ability to Do Real-World Solution Architecture on AWS
  • Design High Class Websites on AWS
  • Learn the AWS Foundations and Fundamentals
  • Master All Types of Databases on AWS
  • Prepare to Become an Amazon Certified

Welcome to this Comprehensive AWS Foundation Laser Targeted Course “Updated”.

In short, this is the one stop shop for everything you need to pass the AWS Solutions Architect exam.

With 48 Long, but Laser Targeted Videos, over 20 packed hours, we will leave no stone unturned.

Are you ready to start your path to becoming a Certified AWS Solutions Architect, and learn one of employer’s most demanded skill for 2020 and beyond?

This is by far the most comprehensive, yet condensed and straight-forward, course bundle for AWS Solutions Architect on Udemy! Whether you have never had any knowledge on AWS before, already know some basic skills, or want to learn about the advanced features of AWS, this is the course you are looking for!

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You will Learn by Practice:

By the end of this Unique Course, you will go from #Newbie to #Advanced as a #AWS_Certified. Here is what you’ll learn:

Part 1 Amazon Web Services – AWS Foundations

01 – Amazon Web Services – AWS Foundations – Getting the Most from this Series

02 – AWS Foundations – How to Build a Cloud Presence

03 – AWS Foundations – Getting Started with AWS

04 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – AMI Selection

05 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – Pricing

06 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – Instance Types

07 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – Tags and Key Pairs

08 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – Security Groups

09 – EC2 – Creating an EC2 Instance – Elastic IPs and ELB

10 – VPC – It’s MY Cloud Now! Understanding AWS Network Management

11 – VPC – It’s MY Cloud Now! Understanding AWS Network Management Part 2

12 – VPC – It’s MY Cloud Now! Understanding AWS Network Management Part 3

13 – S3 Foundations – Getting Started with S3

14 – S3 Foundations – Working with S3 Storage

15 – Route 53 – DNS Management Made Easy

16 – IAM – Creating and Managing User Access

17 – AWS Case Study – CBT Nuggets Move to the Cloud

18 – AWS – Series Wrap-up

Part 2 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Foundations

01 – Understanding AWS Certification and How to Get the Most from this Series

02 – AWS Foundations – What is the Cloud and What is Amazon Doing There

03 – AWS Foundations – Understanding Elastic Computing and AWS Global Infrastructure

04 – AWS Foundations – Is AWS Secure and How

05 – AWS Foundations – Sign up for an AWS Account and Get Free Stuff

06 – EC2 Services – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

07 – EC2 Services – EC2 Pricing

08 – EC2 Services – Practical EC2

09 – AWS Storage – Cloud Storage Options

10 – AWS Storage – Practical AWS Storage

11 – AWS Services – VPC, ELB, Route53, CloudWatch and Auto Scaling

12 – AWS Services – SES, SNS, SQS

13 – AWS Services – Database Options and the AWS API

14 – AWS Services – CloudFront, CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk

Part 3 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Architecting for AWS

01 – Understanding AWS Certification and How to Get the Most from this Series

02 – AWS Design – Why use AWS and Global Best Practices

03 – AWS Elasticity – Principles of Elasticity

04 – AWS Elasticity – Understanding and Using Bootstrapping

05 – AWS Elasticity – Understanding and Implementing CloudFormation

06 – AWS Elasticity – Components of Auto Scaling

07 – AWS Storage – Elastic Block Store (EBS)

08 – AWS Storage – S3 and CloudFront

09 – AWS Security – Understanding Shared Security

10 – AWS Security – Using the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

11 – AWS Security – Working with IAM

12 – AWS Security – IAM Best Practices

13 – AWS Database – Database Tips

14 – AWS Cost – Optimizing AWS Expenses

15 – AWS Availability – Designing High Availability in AWS

16 – AWS Migration – Creating a Cloud Migration Strategy

Grand Finale

You could also end up using these skills in your work for Your #Clients, and much more.

You’ll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access to course updates
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download
  • A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section
  • This courses’ bundle comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you’ll get your money back.

So wait no more! Learn AWS, increase your knowledge, become an AWS Certified and advance your career all in a fun and practical way!

I really hope you found this course valuable, but either way, please leave a review and share your experience..

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with passion to learn and master AWS and pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification
  • Solutions Architects who need to leverage all AWS services for their solution architecture
  • No prior AWS knowledge is needed
  • Anyone with Beginner to Pro AWS experience
  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Programmers who are Interested or need to Deploy their Applications on AWS
  • People who need to host their applications (such as WP and Joomla) on the AWS cloud.

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