Learn the Core of Data Science, Analytical Skill and Business Knowledge to make confident decisions

What you’ll learn

  • INTRODUCTION to Analytics and its different types
  • UNDERSTANDING the benefits arising out of Business analytics
  • GET acquainted with the role of Business Analyst
  • LEARN how to organize and make the data graphs
  • UNDERSTAND the concept of data management
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of Logistic regression
  • COMPREHEND time series analysis and forecasting
  • UNDERSTAND the techniques, software applications and challenges of Business Analytics
  • GAIN a broad understanding of the future of Business Analytics
  • GET aware of the multiple challenges that can be faced in the field of Analytics

                            Business Analysis is a new boom. Thinking of being a part of the same?

‘A Business Analyst will be the need of the hour’. To learn it and gain the required skill, you are in the right place!

Henry Harvin is there to guide you through!

Business analytics is a comprehensive understanding of the analytical skill and business knowledge to make confident decisions in business and drive operational efficiency that helps you drive your business forward through the process of collating, sorting, processing, and studying the business data.

It gives you the understanding to determine the data which is useful for the company and how they can be used to solve business problems, increase the efficiency of the workforce, productivity, and revenue from the business.

It is one of the best Business Analytics courses that offer you a complete and comprehensive understanding of the subject. Whether you want to start from the basics or move ahead with prior knowledge the course will guide you through all the tools of Business Analytics with techniques to enhance your skill.

It is an extensive course that engages the participants in a way that holds their attention till the end and will help in developing the necessary skillsWe aim to provide unmatchable data science and analytics skills to turn you into a complete and accomplished analyst. By getting hold of the necessary skill you will be able to solve the real-world problems by analyzing the data and coming to a calculative conclusion.

This course is:

• Easy to understand

• Hit the bull’s eye

• Extensive

• Practical

• Full of examples and exercises

• Videos to have a better understanding

By taking up this course, you will:

• Get complete insight into the business analysis and the role of the analyst

• Feel more confident about yourself and your skill

You outcomes by the end of this course:

 Introduction to Analytics and its different types

• Understanding the benefits arising out of Business analytics

• Get acquainted with the role of Business Analyst

• Learn how to organize and make the data graphs

• Understand the concept of Data management

• Acquire the knowledge of Logistic regression

• Comprehend time series analysis and forecasting

• Understand the techniques, software applications and challenges of Business Analytics

• Gain a broad understanding of the future of Business Analytics

•Get aware of the multiple challenges that can be faced in the field of Analytics

• Be introduced to the benefits of Business Analytics

The course is packed with:

Industry- driven comprehensive curriculum for the joiners

Real world examples for a better learning process and apply your learning practically

• Easy to grasp curriculum that has simple English terms

• Exercises and quizzes that will help analyze your knowledge from time to time and have a better understanding

• Videos that are engaging and assist in having a good learning experience

Why should you take up this course?

Salary or Growth in income: This course will offer you ample opportunities in the corporates as the demand for the business analyst is increasing with each passing day. It will surely give a push to your salary in these competitive times.

Promotions: The course will add to your skills and make you more efficient compared to others. Thus there will be a great chance that you climb the ladder of promotion with it.

Security: The course will not only add to your skill but will give your career a boost thus adding more security to your career. In these competitive times, it is always good to have an edge over others with added skills and certification.

Growth: It will certainly lead to growth in your career and professional life leading to more security.

Career Opportunities

• Management analyst/ Consultant: They make sure that the business of their organization is running efficiently

• Data Analyst: They collect, and analyze data to deliver an actionable recommendation to the organization

• Business Intelligence Analyst: Gather and analyze information to have an advantage and make decisions for higher profitability

• Program and Marketing Managers: They develop and deploy the marketing strategies in an organization

• Big Data Analytics specialists: They utilize the latest technology to solve digital problems.

• Operations Research Analyst: They analyze the operational data and present a comprehensive report.

• Market research Analyst: They collate, manage, and derive insights from a large amount of marketing data to increase revenue of the company.

Words of appreciation from our Students:

1. “The course is very extensive and gives a complete understanding of Business analytics.” Nimisha Wahi

2. “The course is so engaging and full of that makes you stick to your seats. The faculty is very good and has been very supportive in making us understand every bit of it” Saksham Arora

3. “I liked the course very much as it has made my concepts clear and gave me a complete understanding of the course material and the subject. I really like the trainers to handle the queries.” Samiksha Narendra

4. “The program was really interesting and was full of practical examples that made it more interesting. I like the whole flow of the course.” Hajra Fatima

5. “My experience was good and the beginners who want to make their career in business analytics should join it without a doubt.” Andrew Massey

Who this course is for:
  • Working professionals from the IT industry, Statistics, Big Data, and Machine Learning
  • Graduates from the IT, Mathematics, and Engineering
  • If you are looking to upgrade your skill in Stats analysis
  • Anyone who has done graduation from any stream but want to have future in the field of Analytics
  • Analyst who want to improve their understanding of their role
  • Managers who want to have optimum business processes

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