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SMMA DRAGON SLAYERS SALES MASTERCLASS: Find & retain high-ticket clients for your SMMA Agency and SLAY the competition

What you’ll learn

  • how to find and secure clients for your social media marketing business, fast
  • how to close clients for your SMMA business, fast
  • how to find and close clients for social media marketing, fast
  • learn about marketing tools
  • marketing email script
  • marketing email follow up
  • free consultation call script
  • cold call script
  • contract script
  • mindset for success

SMMA DRAGON SLAYERS SALES MASTERCLASS FOR 2020: Having trouble finding leads for your Ad Agency, no problem, we will train you to find and retain high-ticket clients and SLAY the competition!

Don’t know what to say on a call?

Leads aren’t answering emails?

You can’t find the right offer, and don’t know much about sales?

Whatever your skills may be, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. This course teaches you how to get clients for Social Media Marketing, quickly and efficiently!

This course will also be packed with email scripts, follow-up email scripts, the best contract script, a cold calling script, and a free-consultation call script!

Who this course is for:
  • anyone interested in learning how to find and close clients, fast
  • anyone interested in learning effective marketing and sales tactics
  • anyone interested in social media marketing
  • anyone interested in digital marketing
  • anyone interested to learn about effective email marketing strategies
  • anyone interested to learn how to find and close clients for their business
  • anyone interested in doing facebook marketing for clients
  • anyone interested to start a social media marketing business
  • anyone interested to start a SMMA business

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