What you’ll learn

  • Understand What is Accent Reduction and How I Can Help You
  • How The K Method Comes to meet Your Needs
  • Five Effective Steps To Improve Your American Accent
  • The Role of Words and Sentences
  • How to Use Breathing and Pauses
  • See How Hollywood Actors Used this Method
  • Practice and Master your American Accent

My name is Andy Krieger and I am an American living in Vancouver, Canada. I was fortunate to attend and graduate from Stanford University. At Stanford, I heard a great speech by President Kennedy’s brother-in-law. It was such a powerful presentation that I signed up immediately after, to teach in Africa for 2 years, all based on the way this great man talked.

Ever since then, I have tried to speak like Sargent Shriver. I am always complimented on the way I speak and I can get my students to talk in this elegant, articulate, thoughtful way. It is TOTALLY related to, what you want to learn, Accent Reduction!

I was a grade 7 and 10 teacher in Vancouver, for 7 year, after my teaching in Africa with the US Peace Corps. Then I spent 14 years in Hollywood, hiring movie and TV extras (the people behind the actors who don’t speak) for thousands of shows. Every day I was on a movie set, and started to LOVE the way actors talked. An important part of my job today is teaching actors how to speak in a certain way that will get them the part. I used this method to also teach Accent Reduction.

24 years ago, I ‘discovered’ a way to teach foreign accent reduction. I have taught successfully over 24,000 wonderful students, from Jackie Chan, to Liu Yifei (the star of the Disney movie, “Mulan,” to the very, very famous Chinese actress, Li Bing Bing, to regular people, like YOU, who are looking for accent reduction on Udemy.

No one has ever learned in school how to teach accent reduction, the way I teach it. Not one course on Udemy gets immediately to the basics of my course:

  • speak more slowly
  • then you have time to put your TONGUE and LIPS into certain, exact positions, which I figured out, because I speak this way, using my tongue and lips when I speak. It is totally unique.
  • Then the student brings in and then pushes out an amount of air.
  • The secret, is making every word have a LONG VOWEL
  • to sound thoughtful and intelligent by speaking with pauses

    I am dynamic instructor and I do not waste 1 minute of your time. Not one other course on Udemy teaches what I do. Within even the first 15 minutes of the course, you will copy me and be speaking without your accents!!! I have thousands of testimonials from my students from famous actors and regular people, just like YOU. I have had success in teaching students from EVERY major language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Russian, etc.

There are so many reasons why thousands of Udemy subscribers would want
to take my course:

• you are tired of people saying, “what did you say” or “sorry, I don’t understand” or “can you please repeat that”

• you need to have an interview for a job, or trying to get another, better job

• you want to feel more confident to speak English

The power points I have made are professional and perfect for learning my Method. I speak directly to you, the student and have you speaking, by copying me. Copy how I tell you to say the word(s). Right away you can hear the correct way to speak without your foreign accent.

Please message me with any and all questions, I am happy to help!

Who this course is for:
  • People looking to reduce their accent
  • Foreign people coming to America
  • Fellow Udemy instructors wanting to improve their American accent
  • Anyone passionate about American accent and ready to start this course
  • Teachers and students studying American language
  • People interested into Hollywood and Warner Bros studio real life stories

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