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Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms with R & Excels from popular Data Science experts. Code templates included.

What you’ll learn

  • UNDERSTANDING Analytics definition and application
  • LEARN the concept of programming in R from its core
  • GAIN the understanding to use machine learning techniques to solve the problems of real life
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge to convert business concerns into machine learning problems.
  • COMPREHEND the use of R in data analysis
  • LEARN the usage of R in data science
  • UNDERSTAND data mining, statistics and machine learning


    Are you looking for a great course on Machine Learning?

    Planning to have a flourishing career as a Data Scientist?

    You have landed at the right place to give your career the right kick!!!

    It is a comprehensive course on machine learning that will take you through all the concepts from the very basic and will form a solid ground by teaching you all the techniques of machine learning.

    This course is designed meticulously to offer complete knowledge of machine learning not only to the beginners but also to the professionals with prior knowledge. It will help you land into a great career in the field of data science and machine learning and unlock a new world of insights.

    After the completion of the course, you will be able to crack technical interviews and can also participate in big competitions to prove your mettle. But most importantly, the course will help you land in a great job and have a successful career ahead of you.

    As we start from the very basics the course will take you on an extensive journey so that by the time you reach the end of it you will be able to design machine learning models, solve business problems and create business strategies. This course will surely help you to move a notch higher in this era of cut-throat competition. Overall a great experience where learning becomes fun and easy.

    The curriculum of the course is well prepared by the geniuses of the field who are well aware of the needs of the industry and thus have designed it on the same lines. It is inclusive of videos, written documents, quizzes, and exercises for the participants to make you understand the course better. Overall a great opportunity to give your career a big leap.

    The benefits the course will offer

    • Comprehending Analytics definition and application

    • Learn the concept of programming in R from its core

    • Get the understanding to use machine learning techniques to solve the problems of real life

    • Acquire the skill to convert business concerns into machine learning problems.

    • Gain the knowledge of how to use of R in data analysis

    • Learn the usage of R in data science

    • Comprehend data mining, statistics and machine learning

    • Comprehend supervised and unsupervised learning and their difference

    • Gain the knowledge to import and export data

    • Get the knowledge of different data types and data structures

    • Comprehend to handle packages and subsetting data in R

    • Acquire the skill of how to create a loop and if-else statement

    • Gain knowledge of missing values in R

    • Understand the basics statistics and Machine Learning

    • Gain an understanding of data manipulation in R

    • comprehend aggregate and table commands

    • Become proficient in summarizing the data graphically

    • Grasp the concept of regression

    master the concept of decision tree

    • Learn about cluster analysis in detail

    • Get familiar with the concept of association rule analysis

    Important points to remember

    Data Scientist is ranked the number one job on platforms like Glassdoor

    • According to Indeed the average salary of a data scientist is $120,000 and above in the United States of America

    • Data Science allows you to solve some of the world’s most interesting problems

    • Data Science is one of the most rewarding careers of today’s times

    Reasons that make the course better than its contemporaries

    • Professionals from the field to nourish the participants with their extensive knowledge

    • A program that is designed painstakingly keeping the current scenario and its demands

    • Different tools added to make the subject easy to grasp

    • Atmosphere that is conducive to gaining knowledge and become a professional

    Words of appreciation from our Students

    1. “A great course to start with. It is one of the best course on machine learning that I encountered so far, the concepts are very nicely explained by the trainer and the delivery of content is very nice and detailed; the trainer took his time to teach the material methodically and I loved the whole concept.”- Devanshi Singh
    2. “By far the best course available on R programming. It has been a great learning experience for me. The course starts with absolute explanations of things from the basics of Machine Learning concepts. It also has exercises and projects to test your knowledge. an awesome course and also highly recommended!!” – Kunj Tondon
    3. “This course is A true gem for beginners. And is highly recommended for those who are interested in learning this. Extremely useful as an introduction to machine learning. The best part is that the instructor was excellent.” Tanul Maheshwari
    4. “The classes were fun and interactive, the way of delivery of content of the course was quite informative. The best thing about the course was that it is so designed that even a person without having prior knowledge in the field could easily understand the course.” Kshitij Daniel
    5. “A well-designed course with lots of practical knowledge. The notes and lectures cover the topics well. The faculty pays a lot of attention and gives their best. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to doing more courses under you. Thank you, Sirs. I would love to recommend this course to others as well” Sania Jehan

    Who this course is for:

    • Students
    • Executives from any industry
    • IT professionals
    • Professors from the institutes
    • Statistician
    • Any who has wants to learn Machine learning
    • Anyone who wants a rewarding career as a data scientist
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