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Learn from a DevOps contractor how to approach infrastructure as code projects. Erdem would help you gain the necessary confidence in delivering projects.


He would use the tell, show, do and apply format. To make sure that the learner would get involved in the course. He really wants to connect to the audience and make sure that they get the value by making sure that the information presented here has an impact on the learner’s life.


Erdem dedicated his current career year to helping fill the skills gap in DevOps related topics. After every contract, he goes over all the skills that are needed to deliver projects after he does the handover and creates the course so many more people can benefit from the experience.


To start building infrastructure as a code framework for your automation systems. You need a starting point to show the big picture. This course would share ideas as well as real-life implementations. If you are a permanent employee but want to move on to contracting by getting a new skill this course would also be a great place to start.



In this course, we are going over

  • Infra As Code Concepts
  • Cloud Implementation
  • IaC Frameworks
  • Real-life implementations

I am very excited to meet with you and start your journey.

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