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The 2022 Python Fundamentals Mastery for Absolute Beginners is a comprehensive course that will teach you Python programming language like a pro. This course will teach you all the basic concepts and fundamentals of Python. You can look forward to starting your journey as a data scientist or a Django web developer.


End-to-End course to enter IT in 3 steps


Step 1: Take the 2023 Python Fundamentals Course.

This online course is designed to master the basics of coding with Python 3 and help you find the right IT career choice


Step 2: Take our comprehensive Python course next to become IT, specialist

Choose from Front-end Development, Data Analytics, QA, Back-end Development, Mobile Development, and Project Management and master them. You can find these courses in our profile.


Step 3:Take our Become Job-Ready Course

Join our Job Assitance Community, Get the latest Resume & Profile Building tips & tricks, and Exclusive access to like Career Oriented sessions.



This course is perfect for you if


  • You want to work in IT, but don’t know what IT profession is right for you.
  • You are stuck in a job/industry with no growth or prospects
  • You feel that your profession will soon become automated or die out
  • You want to have a stable and in-demand profession
  • You want to increase your income and earn IT competent salaries
  • You dream to work remotely from anywhere in the world


Learn Python from the ground up, get employed, and have fun along the way with Udemy’s most recent Python course (we use the latest version of Python). This course emphasises efficiency: never waste time on confusing, out-of-date, or long and boring Python tutorials again.


This comprehensive and practical-based course will introduce you to all of the modern skills of a Python developer (Python 3) and along the way, we will teach you how to crack into IT Profession.



The curriculum will be very hands-on as we lead you through the entire process of becoming a competent Python developer. We will begin by teaching you Python foundations and programming fundamentals, and then go to advanced themes and diverse professional fields in Python so you may gain real-world experience and be prepared for the real world.


This fundamentals course covers the following topics:


– Fundamentals of Programming


– Python Fundamentals


– Data Operations


– Conditional Statements and Functions


– Error Handling and File Operations


– Shell Scripting and Django


– Logging Infrastructure


– Unittest Infrastructure


– Networking Concepts


By the end of this course, you will be a fully-fledged Python developer capable of becoming a IT specialist by taking our flagship specialized courses.


The truth is that most courses teach you Python and only teach you Python. They demonstrate how to get started. But the problem is that you have no idea where to go from there or how to create your own initiatives.


This course is for you if you are new to programming, want to improve your Python skills, or are switching from another programming language. This course is not about making you code without knowing the ideas so that when you finish the course, you have nothing to do but watch another tutorial. No! This course will push and challenge you to progress from a complete beginner with no coding knowledge to someone who can go off and build their own applications and get hired.



Do you still have reservations about following this path?


Q. I don’t know anything about technology.Will it be effective for me?

A: The training is designed specifically for people who are new to technology. We begin with the fundamentals and gradually increase the challenge. You will efficiently learn the tools, step by step, without feeling overwhelmed.


Q.Development seems very difficult for me.

Will it be effective for me?

A: We cannot guarantee that the programme will be simple. However, you will have everything you need to deal with it, including a mentor/trainer to help you, assignments, live lessons, and teammates. To be honest, 60% of our pupils came to us unable to code. However, they are now working in firms on par with individuals who have been in IT for many years.


Q.I’m concerned that this course will be ineffective.

Why should I trust you?

A: Nowadays, IT businesses do not look at your diploma or previous experience. All they require are your abilities. At PythonOnlyGeeks, you will learn all of the necessary tools and develop a strong portfolio of ten business cases. This will be enough for a company to choose you over other candidates, so you will have everything you need to start your career as a developer.



Q.Learning is challenging for me because I work full-time. What are your thoughts about that?

A:Lessons are recorded so you can watch them on your own time or at your leisure. The entire week of instruction just takes 10 hours. And you can handle them however you like!


Q. Will my previous employment experience be irrelevant once I transition to IT? Will my salary decrease?

A: We do all possible to ensure that you make at least as much money after the training as you did before you came to us. So, when you switch to IT, you may not earn twice as much at first. However, you will advance in your profession and good entry level salary in your first job in IT. Getting into IT is a long-term decision that will undoubtedly bear fruit.




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