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This course has been optimized to meet the requirements and demands of students who are eager to learn the C Programming Language in the most easy and attractive manner.

C is the most natural language when you learn to think the way a computer thinks. By learning C, you connect with everything that happens under the hood in your system. C is the key to developing performance-critical solutions, and this course is the key to exploring every detail of this programming language.

With me you will learn everything you need to become a true professional. We don’t just scratch the surface. You will discover all the background, good practices, and things you need to pay special attention to with us.

[C Programming – Course Information]

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming using C Language – including different concepts such as:

  1. Programming Concepts (General + C Language)

  2. Input & Output (what it is and how it can be used in C)

  3. How variables work

  4. Conditions & Control Flow (controlling the execution flow of a C Program)

  5. Different types of Loops (including For, While, and Do-While in C)

  6. Functions

  7. Arrays in C

  8. Pointers

  9. Using Strings in C Programming

  10. Recursions (Concepts + C Usage)

  11. Constants

  12. And maybe some additional sections in C Programming Language

Each and every one of the major topics are being taught with plenty of exercises (of course, in C Programming Language) with full video solutions.

This course is particularly suitable for:

  • complete beginners who want to learn programming in C

  • who want to learn programming closely with bare metal

  • who wants to work on high performance, high load, real-time software

Should you enroll?

If you’re still unsure – then no worries. I’m so confident about my course and what it will teach you.

Let’s go!

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