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My Course will provide you user friendly way to be  BEST BASIC Python Programmer.

This course contains:

how to install python for windows

basic programming in command line and Python IDLE Environment

Mathematical Operations in python

Strings – different string functions are included too


Tuples – with different operations


Dictionaries  – with key pair values

Function with one more arguments as well.

File Handling – how to read, write and append external files in python.

Exception Handling – with try, exception, else and finally all things are included properly

Modules – create, import and use

Object Oriented Programming

Class – with creation of objects, how to call class methods and variables using objects.

Inheritance -child and parent class example – how child can use parent’s class properties

Polymorphism – over riding and overloading both


Calling JSON


and many more…


This course is showing you very simple examples about the python….. You dont require any professional programming skill….

If you are from non technical background, still you can learn basic python using this course..


When you are going through this course and any time if you have any question you can ask the questions. I will provide you help with that as well.


We will add some more resources to course too… so my students can use that resources for further development as well.



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