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BioGeometry Signatures are a special branch of the science of BioGeometry. BioGeometry Signatures are linear diagrams that help balance the subtle energy of body organs. BioGeometry Signatures interact with the subtle energy patterns of body organs through the resonance of shape.

Understanding BioGeometry Signatures and deciphering the subtle energy codes of shapes in nature is what BioGeometry and BioGeometry signatures are all about. In BioGeometry and BioGeometry signatures, we are speaking about design principles related to patterns of energy flow within the subtle energy anatomy of the body. In this way, we are trying to read the energy language that is at the core of the forming process in nature and how it manifests in the human body. BioGeometry signatures have no symbolic value or meaning. They are functional, like the integrated circuits on computer chips, and are not dependent on any belief or skepticism on the part of the user.

In BioGeometry, we study the body anatomy from a physiological point of view and analyze the relationships between organ shapes and their biological functions. The relationship between shape and function from the highest level of the body’s shape down to the shape of the organs and that of the cells offers a huge amount of information about the different patterns of the subtle energy anatomy. ‘we further study the resonance between similar organ shapes, which gives us new information about the relationships between the biological functions of the organs. When we reach the level of the subtle energy anatomy of the organs, we find subtle energy paths similar to the meridians on the body within the organ shapes.

This is the world of BioGeometry Signatures.

Join me on this most spectacular and amazing course as we venture into the world of these magnificent signatures to improve our energy flows and our health.

Includes a 40-page PDF Course Notes for additional reading and research.

A MUST-HAVE course, over 2.5 hours of instructional video.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Grand Master Ali

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