Important NOTE: This course is not a data science course, this course is relying on the OpenAI API which is the App that created ChatGPT.

This course covers how to integrate the Rest API in a Flutter application.

The course mostly focuses on the REST API integration in Flutter

Course prerequisites:

How this course can be of help:

  • Gaining more knowledge in Flutter and Rest API integration

  • Building a ChatBOT App

  • HTTP requests

  • JSON serialization

  • Automatic list scrolling

  • Error Handling

  • Clean and Clear design

  • The minimum amount of code, with Provider state management

What’s in the course:

  • Provider State management

  • Clean code and avoid Boilerplate code

  • Managing and updating packages

  • ListViews

  • Theming

  • Flutter general AppBar

  • Flutter Material Design

  • Flutter ListView Builder

Course structure:

approximately 3 hours of content and updated regally 


  • Windows application development OR Mac application development

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.

  • and you are ready for the journey

  • love learning about applying cutting-edge algorithms to practical cases!

What Should I Expect After this Course?:

Note that the course builds on windows, so I didn’t have a chance to cover the IOS configurations! But feel free to ask anything about it. I will be there to help.

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