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Let’s Learn Prepared Statements, PDO & Building Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL

What you’ll learn

  • How to work with prepared statements
  • How to work with PDO(PHP Data Object)
  • Building a simple blogging website


    Welcome to this course!

    This is practical course. That mean you will not just learn prepared statements, PDO (PHP Data Object) but we will build project from complete scratch. Let’s build awesome website with PHP and MySQL and let’s learn how to build dynamic websites.

    We will build a simple blogging website with (backend) CMS (Content Management System) using PDO, PHP and MySQL. You will learn how to build a dynamic website in practice.

    What do I mean by task list?

    I mean, we will be building a task list that would be a task(crud operation) with a list of users!


    • Prepared Statements
    • Building Task List with Prepared statements
    • PDO  PHP Data Object
    • Building Task List with PDO
    • Simple blogging website with little CMS

    See you inside!

    Who this course is for:

    • Want to learn how to implement prepared statements
    • Want to learn and implement PDO
    • Curious about building dynamic website
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