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A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan and Grow Your Small Business From The Ground Up.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand consumers behaviors and create a unique selling proposition that fits a specific audience.
  • Research a market and find a profitable niche.
  • Learn how to find the best suppliers that fit your business needs.
  • Plan and design efficient operational processes.
  • Create a business model and go to market strategy.
  • Understand pricing, position and marketing planning.

Are you thinking about starting your small business? If yes, then you need to clearly understand business fundamentals and the guiding process and plan! Most small businesses cannot get off the ground for many reasons that could be avoided with proper planning and preparation.

Some of those situations are a lack of business skills and knowledge, following misleading information, ignorance with not doing a market and competitive research, inefficient process, and lack of marketing plan.


The primary aim of this course is to guide you to avoid as many mistakes as possible, build a solid foundation with as low risk as possible.

I understand as an entrepreneur that creating a business requires hard work and investment, and when you are starting, you should not suffer or pay a high price for that, you can not afford it!


In this course, we will tackle those fundamentals early on through case studies, real-life examples, and exercises, take out all the fluff, misleading information and put you on the right track, I will do my best to give you a clear and focused process to follow, so you don’t have to go through all the frustration, time-wasting, misleading and inefficient activities.



  • HOW – TO SET YOUR SELF FOR SUCCESS:It all begins with you, your current situation, your time, skills, strength, and weakness, you are the foundation of your business, once we understand where you are at right now and your goals for your future business then we can start planning for your business around it.



  • HOW – TO DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND DELIVER VALUE (USP):If you are starting with a product, then stop immediately. It costs me $20.000 and two years to get it. A lot of small business entrepreneurs get into the habit of starting with a product without thinking of how is it going to fit their audience in the first place; this could be deadly for a small business with a little to no investment.In this course we will begin with people pains, hopes, and limits, we will talk about different consumers and buying habits, how and where to find them and how to create a robust solution and package it into a robust and unique selling proposition that talks to them directly.



  • HOW – TO DO A MARKET AND COMPETITIVE RESEARCH: Do you know that most entrepreneurs get into a market without even doing simple research, it’s like going to a wedding without knowing who you are getting married to. Business newbies get into a new market without realizing that it’s a declining or saturated market. Well, this should not be you.In this course, I will walk you through real-life examples with a step-by-step process on how to research market segments, profitably, and how to study your competition on a deep level.



  • HOW – TO FIND SUPPLIERS:Suppliers are your business friends and partners. Once you define your customers and research your market, you should be able to form an idea about your solutions and product; this is the time to look for the best suppliers possible.In this course, we will talk about different types of suppliers for different types of industries and what cons should you be aware of and pros to be looking for.



  • HOW – TO BUILD YOUR TALENTED TEAM:Building a successful business requires a team effort, regardless of its being composed of two or twenty people, the process of finding the perfect talent that fits your business value and financial situations are the same.In this course we will talk about different hiring, where to look for talent and what should you be aware of.



  • HOW – TO PLAN A SCALABLE PROCESS:Most of the small businesses operate without a consistent and scalable process, which makes them end up with unscalable, unpredictable, and inefficient results. They spend their time working and getting exhausted in the business instead of building systems and working on the business.In this course, I will walk you through examples and case studies on how to create an effective and simple process for your business to generate consistent and predictable results so things won’t go south on you.



  • HOW – TO ANALYZE COST STRUCTURE:I believe that you don’t want to end up out of business pretty soon, do you? Tons of small companies run out of money and operate at a loss to end up with massive debt, massive damage, and life exhaustion. This should not be you!In this course, I will walk you step by step through a simple and precise method and provide you with the essential tools for structuring your costs, finding your break-even, and do a profitable business.



  • HOW – TO PLAN ON MARKETING AND SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS:Although this course is not specifically designed to talk in-depth about marketing and sales I will make sure to put you on the right track and show you the big picture of how to market and reach to your audience, will walk you through examples and real-life studies on the process of positioning, pricing and offering your product.




  • HOW – TO DESIGN YOUR LOGO AND COLORS:Visuals are one of the essential elements that reflect your brand image and interact with your audience, in this course I will explain to you all the different logo design, what makes a strong logo and what should you avoid, we will talk about colors meaning and how to choose the right color schemes that reflect, match your brand personality and your voice.



  • HOW – TO DESIGN YOUR BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY:Learn The rules for creating strong brand photography, how should you communicate your brand message through products/story-telling photography, and what you should avoid?
Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs are starting a new small business and need a guide to planning for their new startups.
  • Small business owners who are struggling with their current business.
  • Small businesses consultants who need to get a fresh and more in-depth view of creating a business plan.

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