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Digital Business Models, Platform Strategies & Financial Planning


Course | Business Innovation For Brand Growth


Digital Business Models, Platform Strategies & Financial Planning




Module 1 | The New Growth Agenda






Corporate leaders are worried. In this time of pandemic crisis, new ways of thinking and acting are needed more than ever. Even without the current crisis, digitisation has been shrinking traditional profit pools, and growth has been harder than ever for incumbents.


Surveys have demonstrated the scale of the problem:


80% of CEOs believe their business models are not economically viable as their sector digitalises


94% of CEOs are unhappy with innovation efforts


85% of digital investment has generated zero or negative ‘Economic Value Added’


90% of corporate start-ups have failed


While we have to stabilise things right now, we also need to plan for the future and renew how we think about strategy, innovation and where best to invest.


Every company has the potential to grow like Amazon, Apple and Alibaba. They (simply) need to:


Invest in digital business models and platform strategies


Re-structure their operations


Innovate and execute in new ways


I spent a year analysing in-depth which business models work best in a hyper-connected world and how traditional organisations can, in practice, adopt and adapt them.


This easy-to-consume online video course shows you how. It is based on an in-depth analysis of the relationship between business models and financial performance; world-class case studies; best-practice methods; and frameworks.




About The Course


The course includes 5 x 45-minute modules:


Part 1: The New Growth Agenda – the new sources of value in the digital economy (THIS MODULE)


Part 2: Platform, Network And Ecosystem Know-how – the 10 key platform strategies and how (in practice) to apply them


Part 3: Business Model Pioneers – 10+ case studies from 4 continents of bold strategies that have moved the valuation needle


Part 4: New Business Model Portfolio – how to re-allocate capital and resources to create new growth flywheels


Part 5: Renew – the 5-step holistic process to rejuvenate your organisation’s ability to respond to market opportunities at speed


Engagingly conveyed using easy-to-follow graphs and images, this evidence-based and highly graphical course comprises 40 short videos (2-10 mins each) in total within 5 modules, so you can consume in the way that suits you. You’ll be further supported by actionable check-lists and specific learning tasks.




Who Is This Course For?


This course has been designed with senior executives and their teams in mind.



What Will I Learn?


This course helps by answering important questions:


Which business models perform best in a connected world? Why and How?


How exactly do the tech giants and Unicorn startups grow so fast, and how can traditional companies emulate their methods?


How do digital, platform-based business models work and what are the requirements to execute them effectively?


Which incumbents have transformed their business economics? What can we learn and apply from their stories?


How should we re-think our innovation portfolios to increase economic profit and valuation multiples?


How can we re-structure our organisations to grab new growth opportunities much faster?


Who this course is for:

This course has been designed with senior executives and their teams in mind.

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