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Change Management is imperative for the organization to survive and grow in this rapidly changing and volatile environment. Organizations that focus on setting a solid foundation and managing the emotional quotient ripes the results of change management.

In this course, HR professionals start by learning the basics of change management and assess and ensure organizational change readiness. Gradually progress towards the proven change management models, managing emotional changes, and finally, the psychology behind change management.

Change Management is the art and science of gaining employees’ trust and confidence. It is a well-structured plan and process, supported by continuous transparent communication and commitment by the management that slowly leads to employees’ acceptance. An effective change management plan ensures employees do not move back to old habits and acknowledge the necessity of change.

Further, it is creating a balance to manage management and employees’ expectation and finally ensuring that the new norm is embedded in the process and DNA of the organization.

We gain knowledge by learning from our own and other experiences, customizing the process based on the organizational requirement and culture, and slowly introducing different mechanisms for a smooth transition.

This course is based on in-depth research and years of experience in leading change management and sharing practical case studies to help students gain expertise in change management.

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