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Learn Complete AutoCAD  Drawing & Detailing Course best Suitable for  Civil, Architecture, Interior, Mechanical, Electrical  and others, Learn Mechanical AutoCAD, Electrical AutoCAD, Civil AutoCAD, Architectural AutoCAD, Interior CAD,

Course Include File Management, Draw tool, Modify tool, Properties, Layers, Hatch, Productivity tools, Plotting & Printing, Import and Export of Drawing.


Autodesk AutoCAD is widely used in the civil engineering field as its ability to plan drawings easy, Accurate and Fast. if we want to draft any civil engineering structure (2D, 3D) such as Layout buildings, bridges, roads, drainage, pipeline, dams, intersection etc. with accuracy, and speed then AutoCAD is the best option.

AutoCAD help to Speed up the work with specialized features & libraries for Civil design, Only AutoCAD, with the new web and mobile apps, gives the freedom and flexibility to work on anything, anywhere, at any time. Design and draft using the latest features and functionality.


This course helps you to get the best Placement opportunity in India or oversees, As AutoCAD almost use in every industry for Drawing and Detailing of Various Structures like buildings, bridges, roads, drainage, pipeline, dams, intersection etc.


Every infrastructure development industry needs a skilled Professional who can handle the Project and related work effectively, Professionals lagging toward Knowledge and desired skillset not get the Opportunity in the field of design, So Upgrade your Design Skills with software’s like AutoCAD, Revit, StaadPro, ETAB, Primavera etc. Various Job Opportunities like Civil Draftsman, CAD Engineer, Structural Designer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Project Planner etc. Available in industries.


  • This course is design Considering to Beginners who don’t know AutoCAD as well as for Professionals who work on it but wants to explore advance part in details,

  • This Course Taught by  Certified professional

  • Most comprehensive course with 90+ video lectures

  • Project Practice drawing files included

  • All video Develop with Special Effects

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