A course to make you an expert in OSPF implementation and maintenance on Junos with 4 hours videos, 5 quiz, 1 assignment

What you’ll learn

  • How to Implement OSPF in corporate as well as ISP environment
  • Core OSPF Concepts: Router ID, Neighbour states, DR elections, OSPF tables, Route calculations, LSA Types, Area types
  • Route redistribution, Route Filtering, Route Summarization, and Virtual Links
  • Basics of Junos software for OSPF implementation
  • OSPF maintenance; logging, and troubleshooting


A complete course with 4 hours of Video content, 1 assignment and 5 Quizzes.

IF YOU HAVE TIME FOR ONE COURSE, CHOSE THIS COURSE, It will build a strong foundation and give you enough practice to master the concepts learned.

The Course is divided into following sections:

OSPF Basics:

What is OSPF, how it discover neighbours and form adjacency. How it builds its database and how it calculate best path.

How a Router ID is selected – what is it’s role in OSPF Database.

What is DR & BDR – which network types require them and how they are elected and when.

What are LSA types – detailed discussion analysis using our network topology

Multi Area OSPF:

Multi area OSPF design, how area’s connect together and why they connect that way!

What are OSPF Area types – what each area type do.

OSPF Virtual Links

Advanced (optional) Configurations:

OSPF Authentication

Route Filtering – Inter Area and External Routes

Route Redistribution – Static, Direct (connected), BGP

Route Summarization – internal and external routes

Logging and troubleshooting

We will follow a Network topology through out this course to practice each every concept we go through.

Select this course, IF

  1. You have basic IP routing skills and want to take your skills to next level
  2. You have worked on other vendor’s devices and want to learn Juniper’s way of implementing OSPF with details and examples.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about OSPF on Junos

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