Interested in understanding how an organization is run? How key decisions are made? How government laws and regulations affect your decisions? What are the key concepts involved in running an organization?

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, entry/mid-level employee or an executive, this course will provide you a comprehensive overview of corporate governance components. More importantly, the course assumes no prior knowledge and will explain the key concepts such as compliance, boards, corporate structure etc.

  • Compliance essentials

  • Essential legal regulations and internal controls

  • Governance

  • Components of Corporate Governance

    • Board of directors and executive management

    • Shareholders’ engagement

    • Transparency and disclosure

    • Ethical conduct and integrity

    • Compliance and regulatory environment

    • Risk Management

    • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Public Governance

  • Global Governance

  • Assessing Good Governance

I have struggled over the years to put this material together. While many courses address individual topics, this is the first course to the best of my knowledge that culls together such diverse information in one place. I have taken great lengths to provide relevant case studies that emphasize the above topics and make them more concrete.

I look forward to embarking on this learning journey together and welcome your comments and feedback. I will strive to incorporate them actively.

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