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In this class you’ll learn designing vector illustration of “Electronic Gadgets” using Adobe Illustrator Easy to Hard


In this class you’ll learn designing vector illustration of “Electronic Gadgets” using Adobe Illustrator.


No matter how simple or complex artwork you want to create, the course is designed in a way that allows you to understand the step by step process starting from easy design exercises moving towards more advanced examples.


The class covers every in depth detailed knowledge that you need even if you are an absolute beginner. No matter how advance design illustration your want to create we got everything covered for you in this class.


In this class we have covered a wide range of design project examples for you, so that easy to learn everything step by step.


In the first class we have covered easy design, in which we came up with a simple floppy disk design, starting from the design structure, and refining the artwork using basic shapes and lines, that helps understanding and practicing the design process for absolute beginners as well.


Then we move to cassette design that has a bit more details. Once you will be able to complete these two easy and intermediate examples, you will be all set ready to explore more examples based on your imagination.


Before you enroll into this course one thing to bare in mind is this course is more focused on the strategies and process and less about the tools and how the program works.


Who this course is for:

Graphic Designers

Digital Illustrators

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