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IBM takes a broad and holistic view and sees DevOps as a business-driven software delivery approach  — an approach that takes a new or enhanced business capability from an idea all the way to production, providing business value to customers in an efficient manner and capturing feedback as customers engage with the capability.

DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile principles in which business owners and the development, operations, and quality assurance departments collaborate to deliver software in a continuous manner that enables the business to more quickly seize market opportunities and reduce the time to include customer feedback.

In this practice test, you will see-DevOps, How we got to DevOps, Continuous Integration, CI, agile and DevOps, Open source continuous integration tools, Use case, Servers, The importance of testing, Continuous integration pipeline, Best practices, Agile, Continuous Deployment, Continuous deployment tools, Working with Kubernetes, Kubernetes, What are containers?, What is Docker?, What does Kubernetes do?, Kubernetes vs. Docker, Kubernetes architecture, Istio service mesh, Istio, Istio and Kubernetes, Knative and serverless computing, Continuous Delivery, Continuous pipeline/framework, Continuous deployment vs. Continuous delivery, Tools, Agile and DevOps, How DevOps works: The DevOps lifecycle, DevOps culture, DevOps tools: Building a DevOps toolchain, DevOps and cloud-native development, DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE), DevSecOps, and Benefits of DevSecOps. You will find the 197 questions (110+87 questions 83+66 minute’s, multiple choice questions, 149 minutes). You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge (answer available of all questions).

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