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In our training, methods that you can earn passive income through Youtube Gmail Adwords and Websites operating under Google and Google are shared with you.

Passive Income Generation with Google Services

Our Education

16 topics are brought together with our students

1-Providing Sales of Gmail Accounts and Generating Passive Income

2-Youtube Services Providing Views, Likes, Comments and Minutes of Viewing and Generating Passive Income

3-Earning Income with Youtube Shorts Channels and Generating Passive Income

4-Realising Youtube Channel Sales and Generating Passive Income

5-Creating Passive Income by Selling Google Adwords Ad Codes

6-Creating Passive Income by Selling Google Adwords Accounts

7-Providing Local Guide Interpretation Service and Generating Passive Income

8-Offering Sales of Popular Licensing Memberships and Generating Passive Income

9-Google Adsense Account Sales and Generate Passive Income

10-Google E Book Sales and Generate Passive Income

12-Selling Domains and Generating Passive Income

13-Finding Niche Content and Generating Passive Income

14-Providing Promotional Writing and Article Writing Services to Web Sites and Generating Passive Income

15-Promotional Writing and Article Writing Services for Websites with ChatGpt and Creating Passive Income

16-Content Sales to Content Producer Companies and Generating Passive Income

Our Passive Income Generation Training with Google Services by Addressing the Titles has been prepared

We wish success to all participating students

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