How to relax at the dentist and get your teeth cleaned and fixed

What you’ll learn

  • Be completely relaxed with all dental procedures
  • Know how to create a global set up statement for your dental fear.
  • Know how to use EFT for anticipatory anxiety about going to the dentist
  • Know how to tap away any discomfort after any dental procedure

It is estimated that nearly seventy five percent of adults in the United States experience some amount of fear with regarding going to the dentist. Of that percentage, about five to ten percent of those people have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of a dental phobia. If you are one of those people you are in the right place.

I am going to take you through a complementary and alternative method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT/tapping for short. EFT is based in Chinese acupuncture. It uses the same acupressure points as acupuncture does but without using needles. We use our fingers to tap on acupressure points.

This evidenced based method may seem odd if you have not heard of it before. Research has shown it to lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and calm the amygdala, the part of the brain that senses danger.

I will address many common dental fears such as fear of needles for the anesthetic, fear of the mirror and explorer poking and searching for cavities, fear of choking, fear of the drill, fear of pain, fear of X -rays and fear of not being able to afford dentistry if you do not have dental insurance.

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has not been to the dentist for a cleaning and exam for a long time due to fear
  • Anyone who needs a cavity filled or a crown that is delaying the procedure due to fear
  • Do not take this course if you are not open to learning complementary and alternative traeatments
  • Do not take this course if you are not willing to learn something new and practice it every day

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