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This course is aimed at students of intermediate English language (B1-B2), that is, for those who know at least A2 (elementary) level of English.  Upon finishing this course, you will know all English tenses and grammatical constructions (modal verbs, passive voice, reported speech, causative have etc.) necessary for communication. You will be able to speak English in an appropriate way, without any mistakes in grammar,  as well as be more confident to actually use the language. Each video contains English subtitles and a lot of examples. Thus, you will learn not only how to form the constructions, but also how to use them. The areas covered are necessary in everyday conversations, but also for passing any English international exams. This course also provides downloadable resources with keys in order to practice what you’ have learned  and check if you have understood everything well. I have a master’s degree in English language and I have been working as a teacher for many years, so I am familiar with the difficulties you may encounter in their process of learning this language as well as all necessary grammatical constructions you need in order to communicate in a correct and confident way. Let’s master the grammar!

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