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Essential Business Analytics: From Data to Insights (2024) is a meticulously designed course that provides an introduction to the field of Business Analytics. This course is perfect for individuals who are passionate about data and aspire to leverage it to drive strategic decision-making in business.

Under the expert guidance of Avadhoot Jathar, an experienced Data Scientist, you will delve deep into the core concepts and practical applications of Business Analytics.

The course is structured into three main sections:

Section I: Introduction to Business Analytics 

In this section, you will begin by understanding the definition and importance of Business Analytics in today’s data-driven world. The course will explore the various applications and the broad scope of Business Analytics across industries. You will also become well-versed with the three types of analytics – Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive, and learn how they are used to inform business strategies and decisions.

Section II: Data Types and Data Visualization 

This section introduces you to the different types of data that businesses deal with. You will learn about various data visualization techniques and their importance in interpreting data. The course also covers a range of tools for data visualization, empowering you to present data in a manner that is easy to understand and actionable.

Section III: Data Pre-processing and Cleaning 

Data is often messy and requires cleaning before it can be analyzed. This section equips you with effective data cleaning techniques, teaches you how to handle missing data, and guides you in detecting and treating outliers. Furthermore, you will learn about data transformations, including scaling and normalization, to prepare your data for analysis.

Avadhoot Jathar brings his rich professional experience into the course, sharing real-world applications and use cases from his career as a Data Scientist. His teaching approach emphasizes understanding statistics and machine learning algorithms from the first principle, ensuring you build a strong foundation in Business Analytics.

By the end of this course, you will have a robust understanding of Basics of business analytics, and be equipped with the skills to analyze, visualize, and pre-process data effectively. You’ll also have the strategic planning, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills necessary to leverage analytics in business.

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