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What is drop servicing?

Drop servicing is a high profit business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell services without having to carry any skills. A drop servicing business is a model where an independent business owner purchases services from another at a low price, then sells those services on their company website or other channels for a higher price.

Say, for example, that you own a graphic design company. You sell branding packages for $3,000. Instead doing the work yourself, you hire a freelancer who charges $2,000 for a branding package. This means you pocket $1,000 from the transaction.

This business model can help you grow your customer base quickly and will allow you to make a sustainable income. A good way to make money with no investment is to find a business that sells products or services and then sign up as a salesperson.

If there’s no immediate drop service niche that sticks out to you, ask yourself some questions:

– Are there any ideas that I already have knowledge and expertise around?

– If not, which idea seems the most interesting to learn?

– Which ideas seem the simplest to build and execute?

– Which are high in demand?

– Which might bring the highest profit margins?

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